Totally 4 You Sports Therapy

"Assisting you with your health and well being"

Totally 4 You Sports Therapy, Sports Massage and Remedial Therapies based in Norwich


Jude Durrant MHFST, MSST, CThA


 Tel: 07788918965


Totally 4 You Sports Therapy specialises in Sports Massage and sport injury rehabilitation, providing a diverse range of remedial therapies. The other therapies compliment and enhance lifestyle requirements and include Remedial Swedish Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Non Medical Nutritional Advice, Fitness Testing, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic drainage, Scar Tissue Release, Indian Head Massage, Exercise Programmes and Exercise Classes.

They assist you in enhancing your abilities, reduce the risk of injury and in the unfortunate case of injury provide treatments and exercise plans to hasten your recovery. The therapies are all designed to assist you in your everyday lifestyle to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and well being, whether you are involved in sport or not. Our lifestyles and work often place the body under work loads that can cause stress and hardship which can also benefit from the therapies provided. Clinics are based in Norwich and North of Norwich.

The focus of any consultation is around you the client and your objectives. This is to encourage and assist you to lead a healthy, stress less and injury free lifestyle. It is to provide you with healthy options, through eating and exercise to incorporate in your daily routines. The important facts around this being successful are making choices that you can easily adopt and incorporate into your lifestyle with minimal effort. So that the changes are for the long term and not short term. The consultation between the therapist and client evaluates your current lifestyle including health, fitness, nutrition and how, where, what changes can be made to improve this.

Totally 4 You can assist with stress reduction and chronic pain through the use of massage therapies. By reducing stress and chronic pain through our work and stressful lives by reducing muscle tension we can improve your overall well being. By reducing pain and tension it can increase range of movement, improve sleep and concentration to name but a few.